Speakers at WordCamp Milwaukee 2012

Aaron Holbrook

Aaron is an at-home dad and freelance web developer A7 Web Design. With clients across the globe, he has had the opportunity to work on many different types of WordPress sites and has discovered his love for custom functionality. When he’s not coding, he loves hot wings and cold beer and enjoys listening to Merlin Mann.

Aaron Saray

At age 8, when other kids were… wait – what were they doing? Aaron doesn’t know – he was too busy with his hand-me-down Commodore 64. Age 8 is when the love affair began – 2 decades later, it is still going strong. As a Milwaukee based PHP Web Developer, Aaron is most notable for his WROX book PHP Design Patterns and organizing the Milwaukee PHP Users Group. While he is mainly a custom PHP application programmer, WordPress based sites have always been his fond, dirty little secret.

Allan Fuelling

Allan Fuelling is a web developer & search marketer at Fuel Web Media, LLC. He loves customizing WordPress websites, web marketing strategy and is passionate about helping his clients grow their businesses online. Allan’s background is in IT and he has several years of experience in the corporate environment. For six years, he’s been helping business clients navigate the web by building search optimized websites powered by WordPress. Allan is co-organizer of the Milwaukee WordPress Meetup and sits on the planning committee of Milwaukee WordCamp.

Becky Davis

Becky, owner of Becky Davis Design is a designer/developer is Chicago. She fell in love with working with WordPress several years ago and has never looked back. She teaches theme development at Truman College and runs the north side Chicago WordPress meetup.

Brad Parbs

Brad Parbs is an Internet Rockstar at OnYourMark, LLC and has been writing WordPress plugins since he was born. He creates WordPress based websites of all different kinds, and never stops working.

Dan Pastori

I have 6 years experience in PHP/MySQL development and have worked implementing multiple WordPress solutions. I co-founded a software development and technology consulting company called 521 Dimensions that works in multiple industries creating and implementing a variety of technologies. One of the technologies that 521 Dimensions uses is WordPress, where we provide a high quality website for our clients.

Dustin Filippini

Dustin is a Web Developer for the Orion Group, creating sites mainly with WordPress and working his magic with HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. He is a co-organizer of the Web414 Meetup and assistant organizer of the Milwaukee WordPress Meetup. Most of his time away from the web is spent with his newborn daughter, his wife, and his two dogs, Riley & Hugo.

Heather Acton

Heather Acton is a Freelance WordPress Developer in Chicago, IL. She’s built her freelance business while being home with two small children and would have it no other way (glutton for punishment maybe?). Heather’s passionate about the WordPress community. She organizes WordCamp Chicago and the WordPress Lake County Meetup Group. When she’s not building sites or teaching WordPress, she’s playing Legos with her kids or enjoying a craft beer at a Guster concert.

Jess Jurick

Jess works as a Senior Web Strategist at 10up, a premium web strategy and development agency. Jess has over four years of experience working in the interactive space with Fortune 20 brands, major non-profits and state organizations. Jess is passionate about creating an interactive and engaging audience experience for users and a seamless content management experience for publishers using WordPress.

Jim Raffel

Jim Raffel is a business owner, speaker, blogger and gadget lover. Through his WordPress-powered blog, JimRaffel.com, he shares thoughts about life as a small business owner utilizing social media to grow his network. After developing a comprehensive social media strategy for his company ColorMetrix, he realized he needed help with implementation and hired Shelby Sapusek, who he met on Twitter. After editing one of Jim’s blog posts, Shelby was inspired to offer an alternative opinion and their “She Said, He Said” blog post series was born. They now share their social media enthusiasm in a weekly Twitter chat accessible by following the #shehechat hashtag.

Joel Clermont

Joel Clermont is senior developer and a founding partner at Orion Group. He specializes in back end development, with an emphasis on writing clean, maintainable, secure code. His primary languages are C# and PHP, but he also works with iOS and Ruby. Joel is an active member of the Milwaukee developer community, organizing the Milwaukee PHP and Mobile MKE user groups and frequently hanging out on IRC in the #devmke channel.

John James Jacoby

Master of Alliteration at Automattic. Lead developer of BuddyPress and bbPress. A native Wisconsinite, John has natural love of beer, cheese, and a strong dislike for sub-zero temperatures. He is a lover of naps, puppies, puzzles, and things with wheels and gears. When he isn’t helping build neat stuff with code, he enjoys traveling the world, taking pictures, a good cup-o, and helping people use (and extend) WordPress, BuddyPress, and bbPress.

Lisa Ghisolf

Lisa Ghisolf is Gizmo Design, Inc., with 15+ years in print, web & email design. She created websites for Allstate, Merck & many corporations & organizations. Lisa helped develop blogging software in 2005, & was interviewed by The Chicago Tribune as a blogging expert. In 2008 she discovered the power of WordPress as a CMS & developed a custom themed site, leading to licensed templates & more custom sites.

Lisa Sabin-Wilson

Lisa Sabin-Wilson is the author of the best-selling book: WordPress For Dummies, and several other WordPress-related books. She is the founder of E.Webscapes, a web site design and development company specializing in custom WordPress themes where she has developed over 1,000 WordPress web sites. Lisa is also the co-founder of Allure Themes, catering primarily to women and the web sites that run them.

Mike McCallister

Mike McCallister is devoted to the idea that technology need not be feared & can be mastered by anyone. He grew up in the days when computers filled entire rooms & spent 13 years as a civil service clerk doing nothing more technical than recording WordPerfect macros. His “Notes from the Metaverse”, is a technology blog started in 2002 & moved to WordPress.com in 2004. In 2010, he teamed with technology author, Bud Smith, to write WordPress in Depth (QUE). Mike is president of the Wisconsin chapter of the Society for Technical Communication, and works as Senior Document Architect at PKWARE.

Mike Zielonka

Mike manages day-to-day operations, and acts as a Web Strategy consultant with clients of Tuna Traffic. He spends a significant portion of his time coaching Tuna Traffic customers on web strategy and building client web presence. Mike’s expertise is concentrated in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Social Media. In addition, he is well versed in the development of PageLines, a leading edge WordPress theming template. Mike is known as a detailed troubleshooter and problem solver. His enthusiasm and attention to detail allows him to quickly build strong relationships with his clients.

Pete Prodoehl

Pete Prodoehl has been blogging (non-stop) since 1997, and using WordPress since 2005. Besides being a prolific blogger, Pete is also a photographer, artist, maker, hacker, and organizer of such things as BarCampMilwaukee and Web414. Since being involved with things like The School Factory and Milwaukee Makerspace aren’t enough, Pete also manages over a half dozen WordPress sites, and is also the VP of Interactive Media at Z2 Marketing, and owns 2XL Networks, his own technology company.

Rachel Baker

Rachel is a freelance web developer in Chicago, IL. She uses slick CSS styles and fancy jQuery animations in front of powerful PHP code to create customized WordPress themes and plugins for her clients. Her current pet project is a WordPress theme for Twitter’s Bootstrap framework, called BootstrapWP. Download the theme or follow the development on Github. Rachel writes code in Sublime Text 2, while wearing a collared shirt and drinking a Diet Coke.

Scott Offord

Scott Offord, Director of Internet Marketing at Orion Group, LLC – Scott is a managing partner of Orion Group. He creates and manages search engine optimization and pay per click campaigns for our clients. He is certified in Google Analytics and in Google Adwords. Scott focuses on improving the visibility of websites in the search engines. Scott has a background in designing and developing websites using various content management systems. When he’s not optimizing websites, Scott enjoys walking his Great Dane, Squiggles.

Shelby Sapusek

Shelby Sapusek’s passion revolves around the way information is shared and the technology behind it. Shelby spent 17 years in the print media industry as a reporter, blogger and designer. She describes herself as a social media hound who is a shameless promoter of all things great. Shelby is also the project manager for Jim Raffel’s company ColorMetrix. After working side by side, Shelby and Jim started a venture through blog posts and on Twitter called “She Said, He Said” where they debate social media and blogging topics.

Tracy Apps

tracy apps has been working with WordPress since before it was WordPress. In addition to her formal training in traditional art (yeah, we’re talking non-digital drawing and painting here people) and print design, tracy has been a self-taught front end web developer for over 16 years. tracy owns tracy apps design, a web creative company specializing in custom WordPress solutions for clients of all sizes.

Tracy Terry

Tracy Terry is an inbound marketing thought leader and founder of Trust eMedia, an award-winning Inbound Marketing Agency located in Lake Geneva, WI. She has developed inbound marketing campaigns for world-wide businesses as well as notable celebrity enterprises. Her blog is recognized as a Top 20 Social Media Blog of 2012 and she has been named a WE Magazine’s Top 100 Women in ECommerce for 2012.

Trafton Esler

Despite a decade of computer engineering experience, from hardware (chip design at Intel & Robotics Fairs) to enterprise software (SAP), Trafton specializes in translating developer speak into plain English. He uses this superpower to solve technology problems with the WordPress developers that build amazing sites & host on WP Engine. After hours, Trafton organizes communities, including Burger Thursday, a 4 year quest to find the best burger in Austin, Texas. He’s an avid mountain biker, certified Emergency First Responder & Rescue Diver.

Vid Luther

Vid is the CEO and Founder of ZippyKid, a managed WordPress hosting company. He’s passionate about helping businesses get online, and make the most of their websites. He’s interested in changing the way people think and interact with their hosting provider and their website.

Static, boring, old websites bother him more than they should, so attend his session, and your website will annoy him less.

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